Bruti Waterfall: A Nature’s Enchanting Jewel

Bruti waterfall is one of the top famous waterfalls found near Islamabad

Bruti waterfall – an enchanting gem in Islamabad’s Margalla Hills. This famous waterfall boasts hygienic freshwater ponds and tourists who seek nature’s allure.

In summer, indulge in water adventures at its pristine ponds. But there’s more! Bruti’s charm extends with the Bari Imam Chilla Gah, also called Loh e Dandi which offers a captivating hiking trail from Bari Imam Shrine. So, let’s dive in to discover the Sufi heritage and scenic wonders at Bruti waterfall.

Why Bruti Waterfall Is Famous For?

The fame of the waterfall is tied to the revered Bari Imam Chilla Gah. Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi, known as Bari Imam or Bari Sarkar was a Punjab Sufi of the Qadiriyya order.

And the shrine of Bari Imam is located near the Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad.

Location and How to Get There?

To reach Bruti waterfall from Bari Imam Shrine head towards the Chowk and turn right. It is just 2-3 km away from the shrine with a newly developed smooth road, accessible by car or motorbike (park at your own risk).

Follow the water stream next to the parking lot and you’ll discover the waterfall. The hike will take 15-20 minutes from the parking area.

During the monsoon season, when the Margalla hills receive abundant rain it is the best time to visit. However, be cautious as the rocks might get slippery.

Hiking Trail of Bruti Waterfall

The hike of Bruti waterfall is very easy as here you’ll find numerous freshwater ponds to explore. In the monsoon season, dry waterfalls revive, and some ponds receive water from natural streams via newly set up pipelines. This provides crystal-clear drinking water to Bari Imam Shrine and locals.

The hiking trail leads to Pir Sohawa road, passing through lush green hills and Noori Waterfall in Haripur, KPK. On return use an alternative trail for a smooth descent.

Bruti offers picturesque landscapes and shallow ponds, perfect for summer relaxation and fish massages.

Camping enthusiasts will adore Bruti’s camping sites with a serene ambiance, vibrant wildlife, and soothing water streams.

Embrace the delightful experience amidst greenery and cool breezes. And unveil the allure of the waterfall and create unforgettable memories in Islamabad’s captivating Margalla Hills.

Things You Need to Carry While on a Hike

When embarking on the hike to Bruti waterfall, remember to carry essential items:

  • Food: Bring your own food and water as there are no shops at the top. Consider fruits for energy and maintaining sugar levels.
  • Hiking Stick: A hiking stick will assist you during the trek.
  • Shoes: Wear sturdy trekking shoes for comfort and cushioning, as the rocks can be slippery.
  • Raincoat: Be prepared for unexpected rain with a raincoat.
  • Extra Bodywear: If you plan to swim, carry extra clothing for a pleasant experience.

With these items in tow, you can fully enjoy the beauty and adventure of the Bruti waterfall hike in Islamabad’s Margalla Hills.


Bruti waterfall in Margalla Hills offers pristine freshwater ponds, a spiritual ambiance with Bari Imam Chilla Gah, and easy hiking trails.

In short, Bruti Waterfall is a must-visit destination for a memorable and refreshing experience.

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