Mantokha Waterfall: A Mesmerizing Wonder Of Nature

Mantokha waterfall is one of the stunning and beautiful waterfalls in Pakistan

The northern areas of Pakistan are blessed with many beautiful and mesmerizing wonders of nature. These places impact the visitors for a lifetime, leaving them awe-struck by this region’s sheer beauty. Among these wonders of nature found in one of the five valleys of Gilgit Baltistan, Mantokha Waterfall is located in the Kharmang Valley in the Mantokha Village of district Kharmang, Baltistan. It is one of the most famous and well-known tourist attractions among tourists because of its mesmerizing beauty.

The beauty of The Waterfall

The waterfall is surrounded by green pastures and nestled in the rocky towering tops of the mountains of the Karakoram range. Mantokha village is the point where the Indus River enters Pakistan. The stream of water from the waterfall pours down majestically into the Indus River. The green pastures and the towering peaks of the Karakoram ranges enhance the beauty of the waterfall.

Location of The Waterfall: How to Reach it

It is situated in the Kharmang Valley. The distance of Mantokha waterfall from Skardu City is about 78 km or 48.46 miles. Getting around the place is fairly easy because the condition of the road is quite good. The condition of the road to Kharmang Valley is good although it’s quite bumpy at some places. You can rent a car, a sedan, or an SUV depending upon your budget from Skardu City.

The last part of the journey is quite tiring because the road condition is pretty bad and it is an off-road track for about 5-6kms.

Elevation of Mantokha waterfall

The elevation of the Mantokha waterfall is about 180 feet high above sea level.


Mantokha Waterfall in Summers

If you visit it in summer you can take a shower under the cold streaming pouring water falling from the waterfall. You can cool off the summer heat by diving in the water of the Mantokha waterfall.

Mantokha Waterfall in winters

Witness the mesmerizing transformation of Mantokha Waterfall into a winter wonderland, where frozen waters and snow-covered mountaintops create a spellbinding and picturesque scene that will leave visitors in awe.


Best time to visit

The best time to visit the waterfall depends upon personal preferences. The experience is quite different and opposite in the summer and winter seasons.

Things to do

The falling water from a height of 180 feet along with the mountains creates an unreal view. Visitors can enjoy taking pictures of the majestical view. You can also take your pictures standing under the falling water.

There is a nearby tuck shop, and you can enjoy your tea along with snacks at this mesmerizing place.

You can have quality time with your family by enjoying your stay at the nearby Mantokha Waterfall Resort.


To Conclude, it is a magical destination that showcases its unique beauty in summer and winter. The waterfall has everything to offer if your interests include photography, taking cold showers in nature, nature-loving, and adventure-seeking. All in all, it is a must-visit and one of the best places to visit in Pakistan that lives up to its expectations.

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