Pipeline Track In Ayubia National Park, Galiyat Region

Pipeline Track Ayubia National Park

The Pipeline Track is a walking path in Pakistan’s Galiyat region. It goes between the hill towns of Dunga Gali and Ayubia. The track used to be a water pipe built during colonial times, but now it’s a popular spot for people who enjoy nature walks. The area is known for its green hills and peaceful atmosphere.

pipeline Track Ayubia National Park

The Pipeline Track is a 3.5 kilometer walk that takes about 40 minutes to an hour. It’s an easy path at a high altitude (around 8,200 feet) with amazing views of the mountains. You might even see mist, sunshine, and rain during your walk! The trail is good for all ages, from serious hikers to families with kids. It’s a peaceful place to escape the city and enjoy nature.

The track is built next to an old water pipe and is surrounded by plants and animals. It’s an important part of Ayubia’s charm and shows the area’s commitment to protecting nature and attracting tourists who love the outdoors.


Located in the charming hill town of Dunga Gali, this easy path offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Dunga Gali itself is known for its peaceful atmosphere and is a great spot for a family picnic.

The Pipeline Track gets its name from the 8-inch pipe that runs underneath it. This pipe used to carry water from Dunga Gali to Murree, but now the track is a popular attraction for visitors who want to experience the beauty of the Galiyat region.

Total Pipeline Track Distance

The Pipeline Track is a fun 3.5 kilometer walk! It takes about 40 minutes to complete and goes from Dunga Gali to Ayubia. This easy walking path is most popular in the summer when the weather is beautiful and the scenery is amazing.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

The Pipeline Track is located near some of the popular attractions in the Galiyat region, including:

Miranjani TrekHighest peak in Galiyat regionChallenging hike, beautiful views, Namli Maira Village
Mushkpuri TopSecond-highest peakEasy access, year-round hikes, birdwatching
Nathia GaliCharming town, ideal weatherHorseback riding, bazaars, Ghora Ki Gali picnic, Anglican Church
Ayubia National ParkLush forests, diverse wildlifeHiking, camping, rappelling, rock climbing, mountain biking, chairlift ride
MurreeVibrant hill station, colonial architectureEscape summer heat, Mall Road shopping, cable car ride, Kashmir Point (horseback riding, paragliding), historical sites (Murree Brewery, Gandhi House), Ayubia National Park access

Miranjani Trek

For experienced hikers, the Miranjani Trek offers a challenging but rewarding climb to the highest peak in the Galiyat region. The trek starts from the historic Governor House in Nathia Gali and takes about 2-3 hours to complete, depending on your fitness level. The trail splits after a few kilometers, with one route leading to the beautiful Namli Maira Village, a popular choice for those looking for a slightly easier trek. The other route is steeper and more challenging, but it rewards hikers with stunning views from the summit.

Image of Miranjani Trek, Pakistan

Mushkpuri Top

The second-highest peak in the Galiyat region, Mushkpuri Top is popular among both local and foreign tourists for its easy accessibility and beautiful year-round hikes. Located at an altitude of 9,200 feet, Mushkpuri Top is part of Ayubia National Park and can be reached via a well-maintained trail that starts just above Nathia Gali. The hike is moderately challenging and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. Hikers can also spot a variety of birds and wildlife along the way. At the summit, there’s a grassy plateau with picnic areas and benches, making it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the panoramic views.

Image of Mushkpuri Top, Pakistan

Nathia Gali

A charming town nestled in the Galiyat region, Nathia Gali is a favorite among tourists seeking a peaceful escape. Known for its ideal weather and serene natural beauty, Nathia Gali offers a variety of activities for visitors. Explore the bustling bazaars filled with local crafts and souvenirs, or try your hand at horseback riding amidst the scenic meadows. Families can enjoy a picnic lunch in the verdant Ghora Ki Gali (Horse Galli), a scenic area named after the wild horses that once roamed freely here. For a touch of history, visit the Anglican Church, a beautiful stone structure dating back to the British Raj.

Image of Nathia Gali, Pakistan

Ayubia National Park

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in the tranquility of Ayubia National Park. This sprawling park, encompassing over 3,000 hectares, is a haven for nature lovers. Hike through lush green forests teeming with diverse plant and animal life, or take a leisurely stroll along scenic trails that weave through meadows bursting with wildflowers. Challenge yourself with a climb to one of the park’s many peaks, or simply relax by a gurgling stream and soak in the fresh mountain air.

Ayubia National Park also caters to visitors seeking a more adventurous experience. The park offers opportunities for rappelling, rock climbing, and mountain biking for those looking to get their adrenaline pumping. For a unique perspective of the park’s beauty, take a ride on the Ayubia Chairlift, which soars above the treetops and offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

No visit to Ayubia National Park is complete without exploring its diverse wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for colorful birds flitting through the trees, or spot elusive mammals like foxes, jackals, and even wild boars. The park is also home to a variety of reptiles and amphibians, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat, an adventurous escape, or simply a chance to reconnect with nature, Ayubia National Park has something to offer everyone. With its stunning scenery, diverse activities, and abundant wildlife, this park is a must-visit for anyone exploring the Galiyat region.

Image of Ayubia National Park, Pakistan


Escape the summer heat and explore the vibrant hill station of Murree, another popular destination in the Galiyat region. Nestled amidst the foothills of the Himalayas, Murree offers a refreshing change from the scorching summer temperatures of the plains below. The town boasts a rich history, with colonial-era architecture lining its streets.

Visit the picturesque Mall Road, a bustling hub lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes. Take a ride on the Murree Cable Car, which offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding valleys. Explore the nearby Kashmir Point, a scenic spot popular for its breathtaking vistas and opportunities for horseback riding and paragliding.

Murree is also home to several historical sites, including the colonial-era Murree Brewery and the Gandhi House, where Mahatma Gandhi stayed during the British Raj. For a touch of nature, visit the Ayubia National Park, which extends into the outskirts of Murree, offering opportunities for hiking, picnicking, and wildlife watching.

Image of Murree, Pakistan

The Pipeline Track: History Meets Nature

A long pipeline track snakes through a rugged landscape, symbolizing the history and significance of transportation and infrastructure

The Pipeline Track is a walking and biking path that winds through Ayubia National Park in Pakistan. It wasn’t always a recreational spot though!

Built in the Early 1900s by the British, the track was originally a pipeline. This giant pipe carried millions of liters of water every year from the Galiyat mountains to Murree, a town needing lots of water.

No longer in use since the 1970s, the pipeline itself is gone, but the track remains. Today, it’s a popular path for people to enjoy nature walks and bike rides.

More than just a fun path, the Pipeline Track is also a reminder of the area’s history. It shows how people used to manage water in the past. Now that it’s part of a National Park, the track highlights the importance of protecting nature.

So, when you visit the Pipeline Track, remember – it’s a place where history and nature come together!

Tourism and Accessibility

A paved pathway winds through lush greenery, with clear signage and accessible features for all visitors

The Nathia Gali Pipeline Track is recognized for its effortless blend of natural beauty and visitor convenience, making it an accessible haven for outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Hiking and Trekking

The Pipeline Track provides an inviting route for hiking and trekking activities. The track extends over a stretch of 3.5 kilometers between Dunga Gali and Ayubia, taking approximately 35-40 minutes to traverse. It is also characterized by its relatively even terrain, which alleviates the challenge for novice hikers and offers a smooth experience for those who seek leisurely strolls without strenuous climbs.

Facilities and Amenities

Visitors can expect basic facilities along the Pipeline Track. While the amenities may not be extensive, the existing infrastructure supports the needs of most tourists. The track is maintained to ensure safety and cleanliness, which significantly enhances the trekking experience. Benches and rest areas are available intermittently, allowing hikers to pause and soak in the surroundings. Moreover, there are refreshment stalls along the way, although visitors are advised to carry their own water and snacks to stay hydrated and energized.


Walk through history on the Pipeline Track, a scenic path reborn from a colonial-era water pipeline. Explore 3.5km of easy trails with stunning mountain views, perfect for families or casual hikers. This Galiyat region gem is close to Nathia Gali and offers a peaceful escape. Hike, bike, or simply relax – the Pipeline Track blends nature’s beauty with a touch of historical charm. Don’t miss this accessible haven for outdoor enthusiasts!

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