Ansoo Lake Trek: A Himalayan Odyssey

A breathtaking ride while on the ansoo lake trek

Ansoo Lake Trek is like stepping into a realm of natural wonders. It is located in the Himalayan embrace, this journey unveils tear-shaped beauty and tales of love, echoing through rugged terrains.



Ansoo Lake is situated in the stunning Naran Kaghan Valley with an elevation of 16,492 feet (5,027 meters) above sea level.

It is nestled within the embrace of the Himalayan range near Malika Parbat. This high-altitude lake is a realm of natural wonder awaiting intrepid explorers.


Unveiling the Trails of Ansoo Lake Trek

Saif ul Mulook Trail: A Glimpse of Grandeur

Get on a rewarding trek from Saif ul Mulook Lake, known for its own allure. The journey, lasting 7 to 8 hours, unveils a shorter yet more challenging route.

As you ascend the steep terrain towards the heart-stirring Ansoo Lake, your persistence finds its well-deserved reward.


Manoor Valley Trail: A Path Less Taken

Diving into the lesser-known, opt for the Manoor Valley route. A 12-hour expedition from Lake Saif ul Mulook takes you through a diverse landscape.

From Mahandri Bazaar, a jeep ride to village Manoor is your gateway. Traverse for about 7 hours to witness the picturesque Dher meadow, leading you to Ansoo Lake.


A Visual Feast of Tears

The ascent to Ansoo Lake presents remarkable transitions in a mere 20 minutes, culminating at a vantage point 14,000 feet high.

The lake’s tear-like formation is unveiled, evoking awe and emotion. A camera becomes your ally in capturing nature’s essence.


Guided Adventure and Horseback Ventures

Embark on a guided adventure or traverse on horseback, accompanied by the rhythmic sound of hooves.

The track, though demanding, offers glimpses of Ansoo Lake’s allure and the surrounding glaciers.

Nature’s beauty and the treacherous terrain weave an unforgettable narrative.


Seasons and Best Times for Ansoo Lake Trek

Ansoo Lake’s beauty changes with seasons. Best months for going on Ansoo Lake Trek are July to August.

Set off at dawn from Saif ul Mulook, ensuring a safe return before sunset. Engage guides and horses for a safe journey.


Captivating Magic of Tear-Shaped Lake

The allure of Ansoo lake defies words. Its tranquility amidst the mighty Himalayas, reflecting its beauty The sight of Ansoo Lake cherished by all nature lovers.


Embark on Your Ansoo Lake Trek

Ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Ansoo Lake awaits, weaving tales of love, challenge, and natural beauty. As you tread these paths, remember that this journey isn’t just about reaching the destination. It’s about feeling the essence of the Himalayas and etching memories that will forever remain vivid.

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