Attabad Lake: The Jewel of Pakistan’s Northern Areas

Attabad Lake is one of the wonderful lakes in pakistan

Came into existence due to a tragedy in 2010 after a massive landslide occurred and blocked the flow of the Hunza River, Attabad lake is a famous lake of the northern areas of Pakistan region and is located in the Hunza Valley.

The earthquake triggered the landslide, which created a barrier in the Hunza River, leading to the formation of Attabad Lake. The area of the lake is spread around 25 kilometers in length and its depth is up to 600 meters at some points.

Recently the lake has gained its reputation as the local landscape and a very popular tourist attraction in the northern region of Pakistan. Boating along with the scenic landscape of breathtaking views is some of the famous activities at this lake.

Moreover, Atttabad Lake also serves as a source of hydroelectric power for this region


Attabad Lake - One of the famous lakes in Pakistan
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When the calamity occurred and the lake formed, the old village was destroyed and submerged. It was relocated to a new site which is known as New Attabad. The affected families of that disaster also received support and compensation from the government of Pakistan which helped in their relocation.

Due to its natural beauty and breathtaking landscape views, Attabad Lake has become a major tourist destination that draws numerous tourists annually. The unparalleled views of the tall majestic mountains and valleys make it a must-visit place for those tourists who want to explore Hunza Valley.

Attabad Location

Found in the beautiful Hunza Valley, in the Gilgit Baltistan region, it is located approximately 25 km upstream of the town of Gilgit and around 120 km northwest of Karimabad city.

To reach the lake, you can arrange a road trip from Gilgit, the time duration of that trip is usually between 4-5 hours. The lake is placed in the Gojal Tehsil of the Hunza-Nagar district of Pakistan.

The lake is surrounded by the massive peaks of the Karakoram mountain range. The way to Attabad Lake can be accessed through Karakoram Highway (KKH) which also serves as the main road that connects Pakistan and China.


Aerial view of Attabad Lake from Baskochi Meadows.
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Attabad Lake Weather

The weather at Attabad Lake changes throughout the year, and it is often difficult to tell. From June to September, Snow and ice can be seen at high altitudes. However, temperature can change from warm during the day and cold at night.

Monsoon season (july- August) comes with heavy rainfall and extreme winds.

From (December-February), snowstroms are common thats why temperature can drop significantly below freezing point.

As you can see, the average temperature is ranging from 10°C (50°F) to 31°C (88°F ) that is mild throughout the year. The driest month are january and february, with precipitation record of 10mm (0.4) each month. The most rainy months are July and August, with precipitation record of 40mm (1.6mm).

MonthAverage HighAverage LowAverage Precipitation
January10°C (50°F)-1°C (30°F)10mm (0.4 inches)
February12°C (54°F)0°C (32°F)15mm (0.6 inches)
March15°C (59°F)4°C (39°F)20mm (0.8 inches)
April19°C (66°F)8°C (46°F)25mm (1 inch)
May23°C (73°F)12°C (54°F)30mm (1.2 inches)
June27°C (81°F)16°C (61°F)35mm (1.4 inches)
July31°C (88°F)19°C (66°F)40mm (1.6 inches)
August30°C (86°F)18°C (64°F)45mm (1.8 inches)
September27°C (81°F)15°C (59°F)50mm (2 inches)
October22°C (72°F)11°C (52°F)55mm (2.2 inches)
November17°C (63°F)6°C (43°F)60mm (2.4 inches)
December13°C (55°F)1°C (34°F)65mm (2.6 inches)

Tourists should be prepared for all types of weather extremes and pack accordingly. Summer months are the best time to visit Attabad Lake for boating and sightseeing when the weather conditions are milder and the snow has melted, making the lake easy to access.

Attabad Lake
Attabad Lake
1:26 am, May 31, 2024
overcast clouds
Wind: 4 mph
Pressure: 1016 mb
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 4:48 am
Sunset: 7:13 pm


Attabad Lake Weather, Hunza Pakistan
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Attabad Lake Incident & History

Came into existence due to a tragedy in 2010 after a massive landslide occurred and blocked the flow of the Hunza River. A earthquake triggered the landslide, which created a natural dam leading to the formation of Attabad Lake.

The area of the lake is spread around 25 kilometers in length and its depth is up to 600 meters at some points, it has drastically changed the landscape of the region.

Due to the formation of the Lake, local communities living along the Hunza River suffered extensive damage and displacement. The lake submerged the village of Attabad, along with several other villages and farmlands, and forced the evacuation of thousands of people.

The government of Pakistan provided final assistance and reimbursement to the flood effected families and also assisted them in relocation of their villages.


A view of attabad lake from hunza
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The lake has also affected the local economy, as the blocking of the river has interrupted the transportation and trade in the region. The government has constructed a spillway and a new road that bypasses the lake, as the steps to reduce the havoc created by the lake to the local economy.

Keeping the challenges aside that the lake has brought, it has also become a famous tourist spot, and visitors can take boat rides on the lake to savour the scenic views

The lake is being considered as an important mean of water for irrigation and other purposes. It also provides a source of hydroelectric power for the region.

For more information on tourist places, visit E-Lands – Explore Pakistan.

Attabad Lake Hotels:

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