Ratti Gali Lake: The Nature’s Jewel

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Discover the celestial oasis of Ratti Gali Lake in Azad Kashmir. This lake is sited amidst untamed wilderness, this jewel of Neelum Valley dazzles with gleaming waters and vibrant meadows.  It is fed by glacial melts which reflect the majestic Karakoram Mountain Range.

Ratti Gali Lake Name Stems From?

The name Ratti Gali stems from the Punjabi word Ratta which means “Red” and nearby red hue slopes that offer a breathtaking sight. While the local community calls it Dowrian Lake. It is also known as the jewel of Neelum Valley.

Get yourself ready for hiking on trails to this hidden paradise where time stands still. Here you will witness the harmonious dance of colors, making this hidden treasure of Ratti Gali Lake more suspenseful.


Ratti gali lake in neelum valley



This enchanting lake is nestled in the Neelum Valley with an elevation of 3683 meters or 12083 feet. This one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan is just 75 Km away from the bustling city of Kashmir named Muzaffarabad. It will take you only 4-6 hours to reach Ratti Gali Lake which may vary depending on traffic and weather conditions.


Ratti Gali Lake


Ratti Gali Lake Distance from Islamabad

The Ratti Gali Lake distance from Islamabad is about 158 km according to google maps which will take you approximately 4-6 hours to reach there. You can access Islamabad via public and private conveyance (buses and minibusses). But for public conveyance, you have to change your buses due to their different routes. Therefore , if you don’t own a private conveyance, travel with travelling agencies to avoid unnecessary hassle.


Ratti Gali Lake Distance from Lahore

According to google maps, Ratti Gali Lake Distance from Lahore is 369 Km which will take 8-10 hours to reach there.  From Lahore, you can also reach there by opting for any conveyance (public or private). But the hassle is a must thing in the public conveyance from Lahore.


Ratti Gali Lake Distance from Naran

If you’re journeying from Naran, the route to Ratti Gali is about 200 kilometers via the Muzaffarabad Gary Habibullah Road.


From March to May, spring breathes life into the surroundings, while summer from May to August invites outdoor enthusiasts to bask in the sun. As temperatures drop, the crowds thin, and the lake freezes from November to April.

How to Get Ratti Galli Lake?

Set forth on a journey from the picturesque Keran village, just 45 kilometers from your destination. From there, you’ll soon arrive at the quaint village of Dowarian which is 19 kilometers away from the shimmering shores of the Ratti Gali

To continue your adventure, simply get on a jeep ride through one of the reliable travel services available. This jeep ride will cost you around Rs. 5,500 for same-day return or Rs. 7,500 for next-day return.

After a thrilling two-hour jeep ride, you’ll find yourself at the base camp area from where the final leg of your expedition starts which is around for another 2 hours.  Here you can also opt for a horse ride at a nominal cost of Rs. 300 per person.


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Recommended Gear

  • Camps
  • Headlamps
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Warm Clothes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Hiking Stick
  • First Aid Box
  • Gloves, Socks and Caps


Nearby Places Ratti Gali

Some of the nearby places Ratti Gali are as follows


Hotels near Ratti Gali

Some of the best hotels and accommodation options near Ratti Gali Lake are as follows

Neelum Star River Guest House40004.1/5
Dream Valley Resort33004.6/5
Royalty Travel Systems100004.9/5
Dream Valley Resort33004.6/5
Green Village Resort—-4.3/5
Keran Resort—-4.3/5
Sharda Highland Hotel95004.6/5


Ratti Galli Lake Travel Packages

Here are some travel agencies that are offering 3-5 days travel packages to Ratti Gali Lake.

Travel AgenciesDaysPrice
Nature Adventure Club3 days14800
Pakistan Tour & Travel3 days40000
Apricot Tours4 days——–
Trips.Pk3 days12500
Zufta.Pk5 days24500


For more information click on the agency name and we will drag you to their site where you’ll get ample information about their packages.


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