Baltit Fort – Reflection of Hunza’s Rich History

Baltit fort is one of the major tourist attractions in Pakistan because of its rich history, geographic region and classy ancient architecture.


Baltit Fort’s Location

Baltit fort is positioned at one of the largest towns of the Hunza, Karimabad, known as the “capital of Hunza” in ancient times. To be specific, it is strategically situated at the brink of Ulter Glacier, providing mesmerizing views of Hunza Valley and its tribal areas to its visitors.



How to Reach Baltit Fort?

Baltit is 601 kilometers away from Islamabad and 1000 Kilometers from Lahore. You can visit this fort by road or by air. To reach here by air, you need to take a flight to Skardu and then take a ride from Skardu to Karimabad. But if you love long drives then you visit this ultimate fort piece by taking a route from Karakoram Highway via Gilgit which is the capital of Northern areas of Pakistan.


History of Baltit Fort

There is little evidence and literature available about how, why and when this historic fort was built. But it is proven that this fort was built back in the 8th Century which is about 900 years back to this date. Besides this, it is evident that it has a strong connection with Princess Shah Khatun as she resides here after being married to Ayasho II.


Baltit Fort Hunza Pakistan
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History of Baltit reflected that it gains the fame after the conflict between Prince Shah Abbas (Shaboos) and Prince Ali Khan. Due to this reason Shaboos shifted to Baltit fort with his family and followers. This tribal conflict ends with the death of younger brother named Ali Khan. Moreover, it resulted into the power of Hunza Valley to Baltit.


Baltit Fort Heritage

This fort is named as one of the top heritage sites of UNESCO.  The ancient architecture is influenced by Tibetian style which shows some resemblance with Polata situated in Lhasa. Besides this, renovations, additions and constructions to this fort were made century after century by Mirs.


The majestic Baltit fort at Karimabad,‪ Hunza‬
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Construction material that were used by the architects include stones and wood which were plastered with the mud. The building of the Baltit fort possess 3 storey with granaries and stores in its basement. Besides this, there are terraces in its building which provides support to the foundations of the building for its stability.


Baltit Museum

The articrafts of the fort are still preserved in this museum which includes

  • Guns of British army that were used to invade this castle.
  • Carpet Walls
  • Basement where criminals were punished
  • Traditional musical instruments
  • Castles cooking utensils

Besides this, to visit this splendid museum you need to buy a ticket for baltit for museum. Baltit fort’s ticket will cost you 800 which is about 3.5$. And for foreigners baltit fort’s ticket price is 1200 Rs which is about 5$.


Here is a video that you can watch on for more information

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