Katas Raj Temple- Land of Lord Shiva

Katas Raj Temple

Katas Raj Temple Complex is one of the most famous pilgrims for the Hindu community in Pakistan. It is not single but it consists of 7 temples that are connected to each other. Besides this, pilgrim also includes remains of Buddhist stupas, sanctuaries, Haveli, lakes, Shiva stones, ponds of tears and the Main Temple where Hindu marriages take place.

Katas Raj Temple

The name of Katas Raj Temple was derived from the Sanskrit word “Kataksha”, meaning tearful eyes. This is also known as “Satgrah” which means a group of 7 Mandirs (temples). Yes, you are right this name is reflected sacred pond which is filled with the tears of Shiva.

Katas Raj Temple, Pakistan
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Katas Raj Temples – famous for the tears of Shiva located in Katas village, close to Saidan Shah which is in between the Chakwal, Khewra and Kalar Kahar cities.



How to Reach Katas Raj Temples?

You can reach this pilgrimage by taking a road trip from Islamabad or Lahore. The distance between Islamabad and Katas Raj Temple is 155 km which is about 2 hours drive via GT road or M2 motorway.

While it is 370 km away from Lahore which is about 4 hours via M2 motorway Kallar Kahar Interchange.

Unfortunately, there is no public and air transport available on this route, so, if you’re planning to visit Katas Raj Temple, then you must arrange a private vehicle to enjoy your fun time with your loved ones.


Katas Raj Temple Architecture

Satgrah – 7 ancient temples, architecture is placed on square platforms shows similarity with the architecture of Kashmiri temples. As these architectures are built with trefoil arches, fluted pillars, dentils and rooflines. Here are the architectural details of all 7 temples of Satgrah.

Hari Singh Nalwa Fort and Haveli

Hari Singh Nalwa – ruler of that time of this region built this fort and haveli which is located on a small hillock.  This fort is in rectangular shape and holds 4 basements each in every corner of the fort.  Its walls are 5 meters long, an entryway to this fort is present near the western walls of the fort, while the central portion contains a small courtyard where archers were appointed for guarding the fort.


Architectural Depth And Beauty Of Katas Raj Temple
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Ramachandra Temple

Ramachandra Temple is at the east of Hari Singh Nalwa fort, all the entrances of this temple are closed except the western one. This is a double-story temple that contains 8 rooms and a passway for stairs at the south on its ground floor. Besides this, there are also 2 balconies present in Ramachandra Mandir.


Holiest of holies Katas Raj Temple Chakwal Pakistan
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Hanuman Temple

Hanuman temple is also in rectangular shape and the ceiling of its building is plastered with lime and undecorated.

Shiva Temple

Shiva temple is also developed on the square platforms which can be accessed through its northern opening.

History of Katas Raj Temple Complex

The history of the Katas Raj Temple complex is very rich as this place holds religious significance for Hindus. There is not only one reason but many that make it famous and important for Hindu Community.

 First, the pond of tears in this temple complex is associated with Hindu Lord Shiva. It is believed by Hindus that the water of this pond is filled with the tears of Lord Shiva in the sorrow of her wife’s death named Sati.

Hindus also believed that by taking a dip or bath in this pond will aid in cleaning all of their sins.


Katas Raj
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Some Hindu pundits reported that Katas Raj temple is associated with the residence of 5 Pandava brothers during the Mahabharta era. They also stated that this is the place where the Pandava brothers were challenged by the Yasha. And also defeated by the 5th Pandava brother named Yudhisthira.

Moreover, here is the video that you can watch for more detailed informartion


Moreover, it is the third religious significance linked with this place is the birthplace of the Hindu epitome named Rama and Ayodha.

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