Farphu Waterfall – The Largest Waterfall in Pakistan

Pakistan is a land of breathtaking natural wonders which never fails to mesmerize travelers with its picturesque landscapes. This Pak land is full of majestic mountains, valleys, lakes and waterfalls lies a hidden gem that awaits to be discovered by the adventurers. So, the question is, which is the biggest waterfalls in Pakistan? The answer to that question is Farphu Waterfall.

As you hop on this journey, prepare to be captivated by the sheer magnificence of Farphu waterfalls. It stands as a testament to the raw beauty that nature has bestowed upon this remarkable country. So let the journey start to this natural wonder commence.

Height of Farphu Waterfall – Which is the biggest waterfall in Pakistan?

The height of the Farphu waterfall is about 330 feet which means it has a length of 100 meters.


Farphu Waterfall –  which is the biggest waterfall in Pakistan located in Bagrote Valley, lies in the Karakoram mountain region of Pakistan. It is situated between 2,500 and 4,500 meters above sea level which boasts an enchanting landscape. This valley is also adorned with towering mountains such as Rakaposhi (7,788m), Diran (7,266m), Bilchar Dobani (6,138m), and the summit of Fafuraj. The valley is embraced by the Doboi glaciers, Gargo, Yunay, Boi Pharai, Hurangi, and Raka Poshi, which surround it in a breathtaking embrace.

Bagrot Valley also possesses the Bagrot River, formed by rivulets and originating from these glaciers. This river also passes by picturesque villages like Jalalabad and Oshikhandass, before merging into the mighty Gilgit River.

How to Get Largest Waterfall in Pakistan?

To reach Farphu Waterfalls in Bagrote Valley, one must first make their way to Gilgit which is 38 kilometers away. The travel time from Gilgit to Gasunar Valley which is the gateway to this enchanting valley is around two hours.

Bagrote lies in the embrace of Rakaposhi and its glacier which holds a special significance as locals fetch ice from here for commercial purposes. Previously, the valley remained unexplored even from the local population, due to the challenging road conditions. However with significant improvements about two-thirds of the road is now paved, allowing even small cars to traverse it comfortably.

The final village, Sath Gasunar, also known as Gasunar Valley serves as a gateway to reach Bagrote valley. It is also a must-visit place as it’s a jumping-off point for trekkers looking to explore Haramosh Valley. And from there Rakposhi Mountain is also visible.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Some of the nearby tourist attractions are as follows

  • Rakaposhi (7,788m)
  • Diran (7,266m)
  • Bilchar Dobani (6,138m)
  • The summit of Fafuraj
  • Harmosh Valley
  • Gasunar Valley

Tourist Activities

The tourist activities that tourists can enjoy here are as follows

  • Hiking, Trekking
  • Camping
  • Swimming
  • Photography
  • BBQ Party
  • Enjoying the scenery Rakaposhi Mountains


In conclusion, the Farphu Waterfalls is the biggest waterfall in Pakistan which stand as a testament to the country’s natural beauty. From the towering peaks of Rakaposhi to the gushing rivers and pristine glaciers, Bagrote Valley captivates with its picturesque landscapes.

With improved road access, the journey to this hidden paradise has become more accessible than ever before. As you explore this mesmerizing valley, you’ll be greeted by the bounty of organic fruits and vegetables, adding a delightful touch to your adventure. Brace yourself for the breathtaking beauty that awaits at the Farphu Waterfalls—a destination that will leave you with lifelong memories of Pakistan’s natural splendor.

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