Karambar Lake |Gets You Lost In Its Serenity

Karambar Lake - A stunning lake in Pakistan

Karambar Lake is a true wonder of nature and has a ranking of 31st among the highest lakes in the world. This lake has an impressive elevation of 4,272 meters which commands awe-inspiring views that will leave you spellbound.

Here, you’ll discover a hidden treasure known as Ribat Lake which is just a mile away from Karambar Lake. This smaller sibling adds to the charm of the area which enhances the overall enchantment of this natural wonder.

The water of Karambar Lake flows downstream towards Broghil Valley which gives the essence of this untouched paradise. The surroundings of this lake make it a worthwhile place for tourists to visit.


Karambar Lake is also known as Qurumbar Lake, situated in the awe-inspiring Hindu Kush-Himalaya region within the Ishkoman Valley of Ghizer.  This natural marvel is a treasure trove of biodiversity which makes it a paradise for nature enthusiasts.


How to Get Karambar Lake?

You can access Karambar Lake with the help of Karambar Pass which is just a mile away and that connects Broghil Valley to the Ghizer district. Once you get there you will then have to hike for 8-10 hours to reach there as it’s the starting point for Karambar Lake Trek.


Karambar Lake Trek

Karambar Lake is considered one of Pakistan’s top ten hiking experiences. This 8-to-9-hour trek is a true test of endurance and immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness that surrounds this captivating location.

To fully enjoy this serenely remote area in Broghil Valley then hire a knowledgeable local guide. His expertise will make sure a safe and fulfilling journey as you navigate the challenges and discover the hidden gems along the way.

While going on the hike keep your luggage to a maximum weight limit of 10 kg for ensuring convenience and ease during the trek. If needed, porters are readily available to assist you with your belongings.

Moreover, it is advisable to carry food that you can easily acquire from Mastuj. This allows you to savor nourishment while embracing the rugged beauty of the surroundings.


Karambar Lake Trek Routes

There are multiple trek routes to Karamber Lake which are as follows


Chitral Mastuj Route

This route of Karambar Lake starts from Chitral through Mastuj which is the base for all treks in the border area. After a rugged jeep ride from Mastuj to Lashkargaz, the second main town in Broghil which is approximately 25 kilometers away from Karomber Lake. This trek route will take 2-3 days to reach there.


Gilgit Mastuj Route:

This Karambar Lake route is similar to the Chitral Mastuj Route which concludes at Mastuj. A challenging jeep ride from Mastuj to Lashkargaz sets the stage for your adventure. From there, a thrilling trek spanning approximately 25 kilometers awaits, offering glimpses of awe-inspiring landscapes and leading you to Karomber Lake.


Gilgit Ishkoman Chitti Boi Route

This route presents a trek of around 45 kilometers which involves traversing challenging sections like Shutargardan and Chitti Boi Glacier. Over the course of 3 days, adventurers will journey through diverse terrains, immersing themselves in the natural beauty that surrounds Karomber Lake.


Gilgit Ishkomen Chiantar Route

Get into the unexplored sub-valley of Ishkomen where a Karambar Lake trek to Chiantar Pass awaits. This high-altitude pass stands tall at 16,200 feet and leads to Broghil via Chiantar Glacier. While information on this route is limited, it promises a unique and thrilling adventure for intrepid explorers.


Gilgit Yaseen Route

This alternative trek involves a reverse journey, starting from Darkot in Yaseen Valley. Ascending 7,000 feet, you’ll cross Darkot Pass before descending towards Broghil. Continuing along the same route as the one from Mastuj.


Gilgit Hunza Sost Chilinji Route:

Last Karambar Lake route begins in Chaprusan Valley which is a sub-valley of Upper Hunza. This will pass through the majestic Chilinju Pass, with an altitude of 17,200 feet. Descending along the Ishkomen-Karomber route, you’ll witness remarkable landscapes before reaching your destination.


Karambar Lake Facts

Here are some quick facts about Karambar Lake


Length3.9 kilometers (2.4 mi)
Width2 kilometres (1.2 mi)
DepthThe maximum and mean depth of 55m and 17.08m respectively
Surface Area263.44 hectares (2,634,400 m2)
Water Clarity Level13.75 on the Secchi Disc Reading



In conclusion, the journey to Karomber Lake in Pakistan is an adventure of a lifetime. With multiple access routes offering rugged terrain, stunning landscapes, and unique challenges, reaching this remote and destination is a test to the spirit of exploration. Prepare for an experience that will leave you in awe of  wonders of the nature.

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